How can i use my pc internet on my iphone through usb cable

Apple provides a way to transfer files to applications via a USB cable in their USB file transfer using Apple's iTunes computer program (iTunes File Sharing).

Use Personal Hotspot to share your iPhone Internet connection. Computers can share your Internet connection using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. 29 Jul 2016 This feature is called “Personal Hotspot” on the iPhone (also known as you can use your iPhone's internet connection on another device, like a to a power source–or plug it into your laptop via USB cable–while tethering. If you're tethering your iPhone to a Windows computer, the computer will need to have iTunes installed in order to connect. 31 Oct 2018 There are two big advantages to using the iPhone hotspot over USB. how to use the iPhone as a hotspot over USB on both PC and Mac. iPhone as a Personal Hotspot will allow you to connect your laptop to the internet  3 Jan 2020 With Personal Hotspot, you can share the cellular data connection of your Follow the steps below for your Mac or Windows PC. With a USB cable, connect your Mac to the iPhone or iPad that provides Right-click your device and hover your pointer over "Connect using," then select "Access point.

Connect Your Android To Internet Through PC Internet Via USB Cable A little-known fact is that many of the Android devices on the market today are compatible with a technology called USB on the Go or USB … What to do if you can’t transfer photos from iPhone to PC Jun 26, 2018 · If so, photos and videos that you sync from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes can’t be imported back to your computer. First thing is to make sure your Windows PC runs the latest iTunes version–problems like this are often associated with updates to your iPhone’s iOS and not updating iTunes. How can I use my iPhone Internet Personal Hotspot via USB Apr 04, 2011 · I have a Personal Hotspot set up with my iPhone 4 via AT&T and it’s very nice, but I have heard that running it as a wifi hotspot actually eats up battery, so I’d like to use it as a tethered USB connection because it’ll also charge my phone at the same time. How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Using USB without "Can I put music to my new iPhone X from my computer using USB without iTunes?" If Yes, you've come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will show you the easiest way, namely EaseUS MobiMover , to transfer files from PC to iPhone with USB cable without iTunes.

Connect your smartphone to a PC using the USB cable. The smartphone will automatically pop up as a "USB computer connection". If it does not, drag the  18 Jul 2018 You can tether from your iPhone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB — here's how each method differs. If you're on your Mac or PC and aren't in an area with Wi-Fi, then you won't be able to connect directly to the internet (unless of Wi-Fi tethering to your iPhone or cellular iPad is the best method to use. When you connect to the internet, you're typically using a Wi-Fi signal to connect You can share your internet connection through a hotspot, USB or Bluetooth. 11 Aug 2014 Tethering your Internet connection to a notebook or PC requires a few more Then plug in your Android smartphone using the USB cable. 1 Dec 2010 connect Bluetooth devices, access files stored on local computers and in the cloud, The good news is that you can, more or less, using tethering. Tap General -> Network -> Set Up Internet Tethering. With tethering enabled on the iPhone, connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. 8 Feb 2017 just one network cable and five people who need to use the Internet? You can share your laptop or desktop Internet connection via Wi-Fi to need a Windows PC with a Wi-Fi adapter (or built-in Wi-Fi) to make You can share Internet connections from Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even iPhone USB. Is there a way to create a wired connection between my PC and smartphone so the Connect your phone to your PC using an USB cable.

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Dec 01, 2017 · My internet has just gone down and I need to give an internet connection to the laptops and NAS units. Is there a way to use the internet connection on my iphone through the router so that i connect to the router wifi as normal and can access both the network NAS units and the internet (using phone 3G connection)? How to Connect iPad to Internet Without Wi-Fi

Oct 16, 2019 · How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad. you can use only cellular data to connect to the Internet from the host device. Use these steps to connect: Wi-Fi. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with the USB cable that came with your device.

Using AirMore to connect iPhone to computer wirelessly. AirMore is a free app which can be used in both Android and iOS devices. Below is a detailed guide on how to connect iPhone to PC without cable. Tip: At present, it is required that your iPhone and PC are connected to the same WiFi with accessibility to internet. Connect the device with the computer using the USB cable. Note: The To do this, start the PC Companion application on your computer and check for updates. 28 Jun 2019 Transfer photos from an iPhone or Android phone to your PC. First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. open or import these photos or videos to your PC, do so using the iCloud desktop app. Here are some tips on how to use USB tethering with an iPhone or Android phone No Wi-Fi available but you still want to connect your laptop to the Internet? You could do it through USB tethering to use the digital cellular connection of your and install the best-matched USB tethering driver for your PC in seconds, and  27 Jan 2015 Connect using a Lightning to USB cable The first way to connect. The first way to connect your iPhone 6 to your laptop or PC is to use the 

How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Using USB without "Can I put music to my new iPhone X from my computer using USB without iTunes?" If Yes, you've come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will show you the easiest way, namely EaseUS MobiMover , to transfer files from PC to iPhone with USB cable without iTunes. How to Share Your iPhone's Internet Connection with Other When you're in a bind and need an internet connection for your laptop, look no further than your iPhone. Using the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS, you can share your iPhone's internet connection with other devices by way of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even USB. Don't Miss: Increase Performance on Your iPhone … How to Get an iPhone to Show Up on a PC | Synonym Although all Apple products are designed to work well together, that doesn't mean you can't connect your iPhone to iTunes through your Windows-based system. Some users report communication problems