How to send volume from laptop to tv

Dec 09, 2010 · Have an old tosh a1oo laptop which i have hooked up to my samsung le22c350 in the kitchen.It is connected by vga and 3.5mm jack from laptop.The sound on the tv is very bad and am just wondring what options i have.Basically i can have the tv up …

11 Jul 2018 If you do not receive any sound through HDMI from your Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 laptop to your TV, do not worry as we have the solutions for your  HDMI cables can transfer video and audio in high definition quality from one on the cable box to specify you want the TV's audio output through the HDMI  20 Mar 2009 I take it you are using your laptop to watch DVD etc on your HD TV. I had the same problem where the sound was coming out my laptop. 5 Oct 2019 If you are experiencing sound issue when connecting PC to your TV via HDMI, right click the sound icon on the taskbar of your PC and select 

You can learn from this article on how to set up wireless connection from laptop to TV and get advice on choosing a suitable laptop to TV wireless adapter. Google Assistant is more useful than you might think, assuming you know the correct voice prompts. To make things easier, we've outlined the ins and outs of Google Assistant, along with some of the most useful "OK, Google" commands… If you wish to return the KJ control panel (or 3D Customer Interface) from the touch screen monitor to the built-in display, simply power off the touch screen monitor. Touch Screen PC + TV Connecting a TV to a touch screen PC is… The Google Chromecast is a small HDMI stick that lets you stream Netflix, YouTube and other videos and music on your TV for just $35, but it could use more content partners. How to Connect PC to TV. This wikiHow teaches you how to display video and play sound from your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable, a DVI or VGA cable, or by wirelessly streaming to a smart TV or streaming device. Also, it has a menu and home button, a Siri button to invoke Siri, a Play/Pause button, and a Volume Up/Down button to control the volume on the TV.

I want to send audio and video from my computer to my Mar 08, 2008 · How to do it depends on the connectors on the computer vs. the TV. Not all computers have output connectors for this. You computer most likely has a VGA monitor output. If your TV also has one (usually called PC input), then hook-up with a male to male VGA cable. If you have an S output on your computer, you can hook-up,with an S cable. Can't transfer sound from laptop to tv? | Yahoo Answers Jan 25, 2009 · Can't transfer sound from laptop to tv? Ok, so I want to transfer audio from my laptop to my home television; I have already the video transferred by vga-vga and I bought a 3.5mm jack that goes into my laptop then splits into 2 cables into my television (white and red cable). Anyway Why doesn't my laptop send sound throuhg HDMI to my TV Aug 03, 2013 · So I bought a HMDI cable and tryed to connect my laptop and my TV. The video works just fine (except for a really really short delay (1s/10 maybe), which is I guess normal because the lenght of the cable and stuff), but the sound just can't be transfered. I tryed in the sound settngs and there I have these three options - Speakers, Relatek Digital Output and ATI HDMI Output.

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17 Nov 2019 speakers can transform your laptop and TV listening experience. PC or Chromebook, a pair of Google Homes will sound just as good if not  28 Oct 2019 To my surprise, there was no sound through HDMI in TV. The movie was displayed in the TV but the audio was still coming through laptop's  2 Oct 2019 If you're having audio problems, the following suggestions might help. The tips are listed in order, so start with the first one, see if that helps,  28 Jun 2018 There are several reasons why your HDMI sound might not be If the problem remains, then your PC or your monitor/TV might be the issue. If you're getting video but no sound when streaming a TV show or movie, it typically points to a content problem or a problem with the connection to your 

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Remote HD PC Audio Streaming Remote HD allows you to stream audio from your PC. This means you can listen to internet radio on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, as long as you have that radio station playing on your computer. You can listen to music that you don't have in your device's music library, or even queue up and play some music on YouTube and related websites. [Solved] No sound from TV when connected to Laptop with Jan 24, 2018 · Solution to problem where there is no sound from TV when connected with Laptop via a HDMI cable. Can't get audio on TV when connected to a computer … How to Connect Your Computer to Your TV Once your computer is connected to your TV, you can use it like you would any monitor to browse the web, watch movies, play games, and view vacation pictures. If you have a smart TV, then it's probably already capable of interacting with your computer over Wi-Fi, but there are multiple ways to hook up your computer to a TV with or without wires. How to Connect a Laptop Mic to TV Speakers | It Still Works